Yi Liu (刘艺), Ph.D.

Beijing, China
Email: liu-yi15@tsinghua.org.cn


I'm now a software engineer working on speech processing in ByteDance AI Lab. My research interests include speaker recognition and diarization, speech recognition, and other speech/audio processing technologies. I am also the reviewer of INTERSPEECH and ICASSP.
I received my Ph.D. degree in Tsinghua University under the supervision of Prof. Jia Liu in 2020, with the dissertation Research on Speaker Embedding Extraction Methods based on Deep Learning. I received my M.E. degree in Tsinghua University in 2018 and the B.E. degree in Wuhan University in 2012. I was a visiting student in Cambridge University Engineering Department from July to December 2018.



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  • Speaker Embedding Extraction with Phonetic Information (based on Kaldi) [github]
  • Neural speaker recognition/verification system using Kaldi and Tensorflow [github]


    2016.8 - 2017.5 Intern researcher at Sogou. Working on speaker recognition system.
    2015.6 - 2015.9 Intern researcher at Big-data innovotion center of CreditEase. I developed an i-vector-based speaker diarization algorithm for telephony recordings.

    Technical Blogs (in Chinese)

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    2. 知乎:为什么 Deep Learning 最先在语音识别和图像处理领域取得突破?
    3. 知乎:未来语音技术或者语音智能助手的发展方向是什么?

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